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Why Your Content Is Wrong: How Businesses Leverage Content Strategies To Dominate The Bottom of The Market

11 September 2018 Philip Volna Leave a comment CONTENT MARKETING

When it comes to our own creations, we are eager to tell the whole world about them. There is nothing wrong with willing to deliver our own message to the targeted audience in the most effective and influential way. In fact, it’s an essential part of building brand identity and establishing relationships with your community.

5 Blogging Tools I Constantly Use To Kill in SERPs

7 June 2018 Philip Volna Leave a comment CONTENT MARKETING

Hola! I know you’ve been struggling to get ideas for your blog posts. It feels like you’re almost going crazy because you’ve tried to catch this sneaky muse that comes and goes. You feel like recently you’ve become more absentminded than ever before. And now you can’t simply concentrate on writing something decent, and you’re […]

Want to submit a guest post on RankActive’s blog?

23 March 2018 George Svash Leave a comment CONTENT MARKETING

RankActive has been showcasing exciting stories for SEOs and digital marketers for almost two years now and we want 2018 to become even bigger! Our high-quality RankActive blog attracts thousands of visitors around the globe, and we’re continuously looking for more glorious contributors to join our ranks.

How to write blog post: checklist

18 August 2016 George Svash Leave a comment CONTENT MARKETING

Few years ago it became very popular to have a personal blog. People from all over the world started to create websites where they posted their own thoughts, interesting facts, recipes, and other stuff. Thus, few years ago business got one extra chance to be promoted. Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code below):

How to write title tags for SEO

15 July 2016 George Svash Leave a comment CONTENT MARKETING

The SEO magic potion includes different components. Most of them are enigmatic, but some are well-know, although, ignored by plenty of webmasters. One of these non-secret elements is title tag which is considered as a significant ranking signal for Google. Being fully aware of its importance, let’s take a loupe and examine all the tiny […]